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Truth becomes fiction when fiction is true – by Ann Waltner

Originally posted on Global Literature in Libraries Initiative:
Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin is the quintessential Chinese novel. The translation by David Hawkes and John Minford (The Story of the Stone, Penguin Classics) is such a pleasure to read that the Complete Review suggested it as a contender for Book of the Millenium!  This…

Essays (Personal Accounts and Reflections)

Real Memories, False Nostalgia

[Previously posted on my FB Account, Dec. 2, 2016:] “‘Nak gusto mo makakita ng umiilaw na insekto?” Dad told me out of the blue this evening. I am currently making a Development of Fiction synthesis essay but, yes a rare sight of fireflies in densely-populated Fairview would be nice, even, as I speculated, they might’ve … Continue reading

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NBS Artsparasites S01E01

[Previously posted on my FB account, Aug. 21, 2016: I’ve always found the picture of Atlas holding the world behind his back in a stationary position, lacking. I’d like to think that he walks with it–with his mouth gagged not with chains nor a piece of cloth but with the sheer weight of the … Continue reading

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A Hundred and One Ways to Investigate the Self: High Individualism in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Perhaps it is an undeniable fact that contemporary and let alone, non-Irish and non-European readers may find James Joyce’s most well known work a challenge to read. For one, replete with figures of speech and allusions Elizabethan, Irish or classical in nature, it is certainly a fact that the novel which is short of 200 … Continue reading